1. Dogs when outside a townhome are required to be leashed at all times, consistent with Fairfax County ordinances and requirements.
  2. Animals are to be walked in areas that are away from private yards and common areas, whenever reasonably possible.
  3. Residents with pets are required to clean up animal waste from their pets immediately, consistent with Fairfax County ordinance and requirements.
  4. Residents shall take all reasonable measures to prevent pet(s) from being a nuisance by such pets doing (without limitation) any of the following: running loose, getting into garbage, disturbing lawns or flower beds, or barking or making noise regularly or unreasonably.
  5. Residents are to have their pets licensed and vaccinated consistent with Fairfax County ordinances and requirements.
  6. Residents are encouraged to report to Fairfax County Animal Control persons who fail to comply with the foregoing rules on pets.

Violations: Contact FFX County Animal Control (703-691-2131) and TWC Management [email protected]