Townhome Appearance and Maintenance

Town Home Appearance

  1. Town home owners shall maintain the exterior of their town home in good repair and a reasonable condition, including without limitation roofs, siding, windows, doors, decks, balconies, sheds, window boxes, patios, and fences which border the perimeter of the yard.
  2. Town homes in Glencourse Cluster shall be painted only in the approved paint colors (see below) for the specific unit being painted. Information concerning approved paint colors can be obtained from Reston Association or the Glencourse Cluster Association’s property manager.
  3. Outdoor light fixtures are to be replaced with a similar type fixture, as approved by Reston Association.
  4. When replacing bulbs in outdoor fixtures, white or clear bulbs are to be used.
  5. Any furniture or accessory placed near the front entrance to a town home is to be in keeping with the existing outdoor materials of the town home.
  6. Toys, play sets, bicycles, etc., shall not be stored in the front yard of a town home, but should be stored in a concealed area in when not in use. Such items shall not be stored or left on common property.
  7. Bicycles and play sets shall not be used on landscaped or mulched areas of the common property.
  8. Newspapers shall be promptly removed from walkways and stoops.

Glencourse Cluster Design Standards are available on the Reston Association website.

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